Before you get too far with expanding your business, it would be wise to learn something about outsourcing and what you'll be getting in to. Outsourcing put in the simplest terms is an organized process where you hire another company or an individual to get a particular task done. Depending on the level of experience your outsourced help has, you can use that person's knowledge to help you in your business. You can help your outsourced company provide you with what you want by always being clear and specific about what you want. Yes, of course they're performing work for you, but ultimately it is you who's managing it and responsible for providing clear direction. We'll continue to talk more about the details of outsourcing and how you can gain the most benefits from it.

After you have made a clear choice about what you want others to do, the next assignment is to set about finding the best person for you and the job. Many marketers trust their networks of friends and business associates, if that doesn't produce anyone then it's time to check out the freelance websites such as Elance, Rentacoder, of These sites have software scripts to handle the process of bidding and posting projects, etc. Since all these workers will be bidding lower and lower for your projects, you'll get the best deal out of it. Also, the more reputable sites use the services of escrow companies to the exchange of money and work can be safely accomplished. Some marketers offer a new, untested person a small job that serves as a test so they can see the quality of work, first. You'll do this, of course, before giving them something larger, or more complicated. A lot of marketers do this, and it serves its intended purpose very well. It's easy to test this, if you need writing done every month, then all you'll do is offer a number of people a smaller task so you can judge how well they perform for you. If they perform well for you, then you can gradually scale it up to bring them deeper into your business needs. When you're comfortable working with them and see the quality is good, you can give them more projects in the future.

Returning to those you have identified as good workers will allow you to outsource again with the knowledge it will be done right. So if you found a quality worker that is professional at doing specific tasks for you, keep him on your list for anything else that might come up in that category. Once that is in place, then you may want to consider outsourcing more work to free-up more time. So eventually you will have choices of what to do with your time - relax or work on your business. Outsourcing really is the logical choice once you've reached a certain level of success.

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